Small Business Canada Summer Jobs Legal Battle

Canadian small businesses take government to court

For the first time, the Canada Summer Jobs Grant program application requires organizations to check a box stating their core mandate respects not only basic human rights found in the Charter, but also other values that good Canadians disagree on.

Regardless of how one feels about these specific values, it is a dangerous precedent for a government to compel businesses and business owners to agree with the government of the day’s values in order to access a public service. In fact, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was specifically designed to protect Canadians from the governments trampling on human rights like this. It was never intended to be a tool for the government to force business owners to think a certain way and violate a citizen’s freedom of thought, conscience and belief.

Free To Do Business Canada is responding by helping support the court challenges on behalf of business owners whose applications were denied because they refused to support the government’s values test.

Your support is vital. Together we can stop the government’s attack on the democratic rights and freedoms of Canadian businesses and businesses owners.

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