The government should scrap the odious clause from the [Canada Summer Jobs grant] application forms … and come up with something that doesn’t place people in an intolerable moral conflict.

Most of all, Liberals should remind themselves that their values are not the only values that count.

John Ibbitson – The Globe and Mail January 18, 2018 (link)

I’m a pro-choice feminist. But I find myself deeply disturbed by a new federal rule that says any small business or not-for-profit group applying for a Canada Summer Jobs grant must first “attest” to their support for legal access to abortion.

Paula Simons – Edmonton Journal, January 17, 2018 (link)

But such is the chauvinism on reproductive issues in Liberal circles, there is a refusal to believe in the legitimacy of any dissent from their orthodoxy.

There is a word for such behaviour – arrogance.

John Ivison – National Post, January 19, 2018 (link)

You might obey all the laws of the land, take off your hat for the anthem and participate broadly in civil society. But for Justin Trudeau, that’s not enough.

For our prime minister, loyalty also means swearing allegiance to the Liberal platform. And anyone who isn’t prepared to conform will find themselves denied basic opportunities that should be available to all law-abiding Canadians.

Peter Shawn Taylor – Waterloo Region Record, January 18, 2018 (link)


The attestation clause is a regrettable example of that error. It is my view that applications for government grants that engage in non-political non-activist work should be free of ideological bias and political preference.

John McKay, Liberal Member of Parliament (link)

To insist on an attestation of values was a really serious mistake and a very bad precedent.

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament and Green Party Leader (link)

As long as organizations are following the law and respecting everyone’s Charter rights, then its personal beliefs shouldn’t have a bearing on whether or not they can apply for funding. I’m not aware of any other government funding program that requires an attestation like this.

David Chistopherson, NDP Member of Parliament (link)

This application, as it stands right now, is not right.

Scott Simms, Liberal Member of Parliament (link)

There is nobody who believes that the prime minister is committed to free speech when he punishes all those in this country who do not agree with his personal point of view.

Andrew Scheer, Member of Parliament and Conservative Party Leader (link)

That is why the Prime Minister’s decision to require all groups seeking support from the Canada summer jobs program to sign an attestation declaring support for the ideological views of the Liberal Party is simply appalling.

Karen Vecchio, Conservative Member of Parliament (link)